1. Please pay fees within 14 days of receipt of invoice. Other terms negotiable.

  2. Tuition is given by 4 terms per year. Please check dates.

  3. Four weeks notice is required for termination of lessons or fees in lieu.

  4. Lessons missed through pupils non-attendance must be paid for.

  5. A make-up lesson will be given if teacher is provided with 48 hours notice of inability to attend.

  6. Examinations and competition entry by pupil/teacher consent. Final decision to be the opinion of   teacher according to standard and suitability and must be accepted by pupil.

Standard of conditions for Private Music Teachers. Music Teachers Association Qld - 2016



Antonia  Breen - Brisbane Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach

21 Thomas Street
Camp Hill, QLD 4152

T: 07 3398 1612  
M: 0408 190 555
E: antoniametcher@gmail.com

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All photos by Erica Wheadon