"Antonia's knowledge, passion and joy combine to make you the best singer you can be, and instill in you a desire to sing better — for yourself and for Antonia."
— Melissa Locke, Vocalist/Physiotherapist

"I was 13 when I found myself in Antonia’s music class at Kelvin Grove State High School.  I adored her as a teacher and was very excited at the prospect of starting private singing lessons with her.

Antonia encouraged me to explore all kinds of singing, and introduced me to beautiful ancient folk songs as well as classical material, pop, jazz and musical theatre.

Antonia taught me how to perform a song, as well as sing it beautifully. This gave me a lot of confidence on stage - and off.  It transformed my adolescence and has paid many dividends over the years.

My lessons with Antonia were the highlight of my week every week during high school. My studies with her incorporated 2 exams a year for Trinity and A.M.E.B, winning Junior Champion at the Brisbane Eisteddfod, performing at the showcase of Qld extension music students, drama classes, guitar lessons and performing at the studio concerts every year. It was an all-encompassing musical education which set me up for my audition and studies at the Qld Conservatorium, and then a career in music." 

— Kate Miller-Heidke, Australian singer and composer

"Antonia engages the person she is talking to, injects passion and lots of knowledge in her work, and with great encouragement makes you feel like you can do anything."  
— Coralie Green, Vocalist

"I had never previously had a singing lesson and was very uncertain whether I would have the capacity or the range that would be required for me to develop as a singer. My original impetus for asking Antonia to take me on was that I felt that I would like to join a choir, both for the music and the camaraderie.  Antonia proved to be the essence of patience and always provided encouragement and positive reinforcement.

She always pitched work that at a level that was appropriate for my stage of development and sequenced activities in such a way that I was able to hit progressive targets. In the end, she had worked on my self-belief  as a singer to the point that I was confident to join a choir and to know that I was holding my own there. At no time did I ever feel that practising the work she set was a chore and her relaxed and supportive  teaching style meant that lessons were always a joy – something to be looked forward to.

Based on my own experiences and on what I saw of her interactions with other students, both adolescent and adult, the level of musicality she demonstrated and her lunfailingly positive approach, I felt I was lucky to have her as my teacher." 
— Ian Wood, Teacher